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Cantilever insulator shown with 2" sch. 40 pipe as example only

Johny ball open-end type
ANSI Standard type
Key Features:            Key Features:

  • Manufactured from a high quality wet process
    using electrical porcelain

   • Resistant to mechanical breakage

   • Zero moisture absorbtion

   • Cable groove approaches to the hole are designed
     to minimize cable stress

   • Johny ball standard color is a vitreous glaze brown

   •  ANSI standard color is a vitreous glaze while
 • FRP rod with silicon exterior

 • High resistance to UV light, ozone, acid,    contamination, and moisture

 • Higher interior tensile strength than steel    despite weighing 75% less
   • High resistance to discharge
    and leakage currents

 • Greater resistance to vandalism
    than porcelain

 • Well suited for compact line applications
Messenger wire
Stick insulator
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insulator4     • PTFE coated Fiberglass rod
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Available in a variety of lengths

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