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Elag Optimess® Tram Test Stands   Elag Optimess® WP Wheel Profile Scanner   MDD-315, MDD-350
Wheel Diameter Instruments
Used to detect and measure the profiles and diameters of the wheels during the passage of a tram on the measuringe device.   Provides rapid (< 5 seconds), precise (± 5 µm) laser scanning of wheel profile and diameter. Communicates via Bluetooth to an external tablet. Offers a simple intuitive interface and data export in a variety of formats.   Calculates wheel diameter using a 3-point measurement system. The MDD-315 is capable of measuring diameters from 590 to 1050 mm (23.23 to 41.34"). The MDD-350 measures from 750 to 1255 mm (29.53 to 49.41"). Internal memory can store up to 1800 measurements.



Clearance Profile Scanning PDF


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