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image1       Lifting jacks

The lifting jacks are mobile and can be moved around the depot to accomodate different train configurations.

Load ratings for the lifting jacks are from 8 - 60 tons per jack.
Lifting plants

Lifting plants (subfloor) facilitate the lifting of multiple train sections. The complete lifting plant is placed below the workshop floor, and when lowered, there is an unobstructed working and traffic area.

The lifting plant is monitored and controlled via a redundant PLC. It ensures absolutely synchronised motions of all lifting jacks. Within milliseconds the PLC corrects any irregularity. This ensures a safety standard which is unsurpassed by any other system.


Train Lift pdf
Universal services work stand
(used for lifting and separating rail vehichles)
  Fully encolsed special lifting plant
(for use with sandblasting station)

In addition to the lifting plants / lifting jacks, we also offer work platforms,
turntables, bogie measuring stands, bogie drops, wheelset scales,
wheelset turning units, wheelset drops and traversers.

Wheel set changer with air cushion chassis Bogie drop system (used for the quick and safe removal and mounting of bogies and subfloor equipment on a rail vehicle). Bogie measuring stand (used to measure
and assess wheel forces and to determine
the geometric status of a bogie).

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