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KAGO Rail contact clamps provide a reliable electrical connection for low voltage signal, grounding and AC/DC return currents. They are particularly suited for temporary use during new construction and rail replacement. But they can also be used as a permanent solution due to their very low contact reistance (~50Ω) and very high vibration resistance. 3
Type GI
- Signal applications
Type E3
- Signal and light applications

  KAGO Rail clamps are the solution for all types of rail   connections without welding or drilling!

  •  Simple mounting takes only 3 blows with a 2-4 lb hammer

  •  100% contact for signal and return currents

  •  No interruptions to train service for installation

  •  No grinding or other track cleaning required; no power tools,
     no batteries, no explosive chemicals, no fumes, no sparks,
     no ballast removal

  •  Can be applied in all weather conditions, including rain
     sub-zero temperatures

  •  No detrimental rail material changes like with exothermic welding.      Hence no increased risk of rail breakage

 •  Exteme vibration resistance

 •  Can be used again and again

 •  Can also be used on grooved rail

Type E4
- Signal and heavy
traction applications
Type E1
- Traction applications

Example of installation using Type E4 Clamp
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