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Switch Plate

BioSwitch offers the benefits of other switch plate lubricants with the added advantage of being biodegradable. By forming a protective layer of solid lubricants, BioSwitch protects switch plates from unnecessary wear.


  EZ Switch®
Offering a tough, durable and long-lasting shield of protection, EZ Switch goes on easy, forms a protective coating on the switch plae, resists rain, and stops wear. EZ Switch can be applied to wet switches, and it won't wash off.

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  EZ-Switch pdf

BioSwitch X™
BioSwitch X protects and lubricates in all weather conditions without drying out or collecting dirt and other contaminants. BioSwitch X is also biodegradable, helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

Switch Armor spray®
A dry film lubricant specially formulated to provide a tough, durable, long lasting shield of protection under any weather conditions. Contains graphite, the preferred lubricant for switch plates.
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  TDS 4068 pdf


Top of Rail
Friction Modifier

TOR Armor™
TOR Armor, The revolutionary top-of-rail friction modifier specifically designed to provide optimum friction at the wheel-rail interface. TOR Armor substantially reduces noise, wear and lateral forces. High lateral forces lead to loosened tie plates and fasteners and can result in low rail rollover. And it is engineered for the use on heavy haul freight and transit rail applications.


RailGuard is specifically designed for application to the top of the rail. It effectively brings the friction coefficient into the ideal range, reducing noise and wear. The carry-down from the applicator is outstanding. Product has been detected as far as one mile (1.5.km) from the applicator.
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  RailGuard-TDS-3040 pdf


Rail & Rail Curve

A biodegradable rail curve lubricant, BioRail proves that you don't have to compromise performance in order to be environmentally responsible. BioRail has proven itself, not only in the laboratory, but where it counts on the rail. Its stable chemistry ensures that it pumps in the coldest climates and stands up at the wiping bar in all weather conditions. Rail carry exceeds eight miles under most conditions, and BioRail stays on the rail even during heavy rain.

    Rail Master LF
Whitmore's #1 selling rail curve lubricant, features a high concentration of wear-reducing solid lubricant molybdenum disulfide to maximize rail wear reduction.
TDS 4044 pdf

    TDS Railmaster TDS-4043 pdf


Whitmore's #1 selling curve lubricant, features a high concentration of wear-reducing solid lubricant molybdenum disulfide to maximize rail wear reduction.

  Rail Master LFG
Whitmore's newest rail curve lubricant, uses fine particle graphite and other solid lubricants to provide the same performance as Railmaster LF.
Trackmate TDS 2034 pdf   Railmaster LFG-TDS pdf

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