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Heating element

These high-quality heating elements with their continuous, homogeneous, seamless and ultra-pure magnesium oxide insulation, their sheath made of 18 / 8 chrome-nickel steel and a cross-section of approx. 5.3 x 13.2 mm have been used as heating elements for more than 70 years.

1- Sheath
2- Heating element
3- Insulation (magnesium oxide),
    highly compacted, seamless
4- Connection pins
5- End insulation


            Heating element connector

The connector is made of chrome-nickel steel and is completely waterproof, so that external influences such as moisture or dirt can not penetrate. The inside of the casing has a plastic coating. The wide grip surfaces on the screw cap and just two seals are further advantages.
Heating element mounting
3   Point-heating elements are attached to rail foot using special clamping yokes made of corrosion-resistant chrome-nickel steel. The clamping pressure is chosen so that optimal heat transfer is guaranteed. Switch Point Heating Elements pdf
 4  The newly developed, proven heating-element connector mounting provides the perfect method of fixing the connector and the heating element to the rail.  



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