Electrical Rail Bond Clamps

KAGO contact rail clamps provide a reliable electrical connection for low voltage AC/DC return currents, signal and grounding. They are particularly suited for temporary use during new construction and rail replacement. But they can also be used as a permanent solution due to their very low contact resistance (~50μΩ) and very high vibration resistance.

GI1/4: 1/4” UNC Bolt
For signals applications
Type EI
EI5/8: 5/8” UNC Bolt
For traction applications
Type E4 with 4 grooves
5/10/16/21 mm
For signals & heavy traction applications with flexible cables up to 240 mm2
Type E3 with 4 grooves
3/5/8/10 mm
For signals and light traction applications with stiff cables and bond strand