Vehicle Mounted Contact Wire Scanning

The Elag Optimess® CS and CSD contact wire scanners are made to precisely measure the position of overhead contact wire using lasers.

Model CS:
• Roof-mounted
• Single laser scans upward only

Model CS with optional rail sensors
• Useful where the Model CSD is not practical
• Sensors mounted under vehicle body to determine rail positions
• Compensates for vehicle movement/sway for more accurate measurements

Model CSD:
• 2 scanners in a single unit – one points up, the other points down
• Mounted on any part of the vehicle with a clear view of contact wire and rails

Common Features:
• Each laser scans in a 60° arc
• Connected to a control box by a single power/1 Gb Ethernet cable
• Includes a port for pressurized air to keep laser windows unobstructed

Control Box:
• Supports multiple external communication options depending upon customer requirements