Wheel Measurement

Elag Optimess® WP Wheel Profile Scanner
Provides rapid (< 5 seconds), precise (± 5 μm) laser scanning of wheel profile. Wheel diameter option is available. Communicates via Bluetooth to an external tablet.

Elag Optimess® Back-to-Back Measurement
Provides all of the functionality of the Wheel Profile Scanner as well as the ability to measure the distance between the inside faces of wheels on a single axle.

  1. Unit is attached to one wheel and activated
  2. Laser projeccts a cross to the opposite wheel face
  3. Magnetic pin attached to steel band is pulled to the opposite wheel and attached at the projected cross
  4. Distance between wheels is calculated

Elag Optimess® Wheel Roundness Device
A high precision device for use on rail vehicle wheels to rapidly measure:
• Wheel roundness
• Radial roundness & roughness
• Axial runout
The device provides contact-free laser measurement of roundness & roughness and only requires a single wheel revolution to return axial, radial and diameter measurement results.
The device has a wireless connection to the included tablet for quick and easy data transfer, storage and processing. The tablet software can also assist in setting up the running gear.